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posted 20 March 2016 at 18:35:28

Know someone who looks good enough to eat but lacking cannibalistic tendencies? Fear not. The PancakeBot has just hit the market, enabling you to take a photo of the edible one (or a selfie, if you're that way inclined), upload it to the PancakeBot's software and, hey presto, the face will be cooked and 3D printed minutes later in batter.

The PancakeBot was invented by Miguel Valenzuela, who first made the machine out of LEGO® so that his two young daughters could enjoy fun-shaped pancakes. Valenzuela brought the pancake 3D printer to the World Maker Faire in New York, where it attracted a lot of attention. It's essentially a breakfast griddle equipped with a 3D printing mechanism that extrudes pancake batter instead of 3D printer filament. Well, someone had to try it.

The batter is held in a reservoir above the griddle and is fed into the extruder, which draws it onto the hot griddle, cooking the batter as it hits the print plate. The detail and accuracy of the images turned into edible pancakes is described as "truly astonishing", as the PancakeBot prints the batter in such a way that details, such as the eyes or mouth, cook for longer and stand out better. Of course, you're not confined to printing faces; the PancakeBot can replicate almost anything you can scan to it, so the sky's the limit if you fancy weird and wacky pancakes for breakfast every day.

You can check out the printer in action here:

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