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posted 29 April 2016 at 13:36:12

E-bikes (electric bikes) hadn't really been on our radar, but now that we've caught up with the trend, we want one. There are plenty of models on the market, but two in particular snared our attention. ETT Industries has launched two new 'augmented cycling' e-bikes in response to a growing demand for cycles that lower carbon footprints while boosting your pedalling power.

The two bikes – which aren't cheap at £1,700 for the lightweight Trayser model (blue) and £2,700 for the heavier Raker (yellow) – come with 3D printable bike parts, such as brake clips, cup holders, storage compartments and smartphone mounts, which can be delivered via Shapeways or printed at home.

New Zealander Jay Wren, CEO of ETT Industries, says, "Both models are completely raw and we love them that way, but we also know people will like to make them their own. Offering a load of customisable 3D printed accessories is our way of helping them achieve this. ETT is all about expressing yourself, and we believe we’ve made the best platform to enable that."

The Raker can reach a top speed of 28mph, while the Trayser will go at a more sedate pace of 15mph. The company plans to release new 3D printed parts throughout the bikes' lives, so their electrically assisted owners will always have something to look forward to and can order or download parts from ETT's  

Image: © ETT Industries