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posted 07 June 2016 at 10:12:34

APWorks, a subsidiary company of Airbus, has produced the world's first ­and probably lightest 3D printed motorcycle. Weighing just 35kg (77lbs) the all-electric motorcycle is held together by a titanium-strength, intricate web of custom aluminium alloy powder, which APWorks calls 'Scalmalloy'. The frame was created by laser melting thousands of thin layers of aircraft-grade aluminium.

The aptly named Light Rider will certainly turn heads around town. Its eye-catching 3D printed hollow frame looks more like an organic exoskeleton than a machine and cleverly conceals the motorcycle's cables and pipes.

The Light Rider is no slouch for an e-motorcycle either, and can reach a top speed of 80km per hour (50mph), hitting 45km per hour (28mph) in just three seconds, while its battery will last for 60km (37 miles) before it needs a recharge.

According to APWorks, 'With a 6kW electric motor powering it from 0 to 80km per hour in just seconds and a frame boasting a mere 6kg, the world's first 3D printed electric motorcycle is 30% lighter than conventionally manufactured e-motorcycles.'

As it isn't yet ready for mass production, a Light Rider will currently set you back a cool £38,000 if you're desperate to be one of the first owners. But you'd better be quick: there are only 50 Light Riders for sale and the race for pre-orders is on.

Image: © Airbus APWorks GmbH (