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posted 13 June 2016 at 11:45:59

A decidedly space age-looking 3D printed office building has joined the burgeoning Dubai skyline. And the entire construction took just 17 days to complete!

Using a giant, 6 metre-tall 3D printer, with a base of 36m x 12m, a solo technician supervised the ambitious print, while seven workers put the parts together onsite and the usual sparks and plumbers ensured that the office functions as well as any traditional building. The office takes up 250 square metres of ground space and was printed using a special mixture of cement and other building materials manufactured in the UAE and the USA.

The hi-tech collaboration between Dubai and WinSun Global, along with architectural and engineering firms Gensler, Thornton Thomasetti and Syska Hennessy, reputedly cost 50% less in labour fees than a conventional building site of a similar size would have, and the office went up in a fraction of the time.

The initiative is part of the United Arab Emirates' mission to become a world leader in 3D printing technology by 2030.

Image: Courtesy of Government of Dubai Media Office