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posted 02 August 2016 at 11:21:51

We're not entirely sure that James Bond would be caught dead in any of these, but Benjamin John Hall's new seven-piece collection of espionage-inspired footwear is certainly fun, and it might give the world's real spymasters some ideas, albeit in a slightly more subtle form.

Displayed at London's College of Fashion, Hall's Laboratory 12 range of highly engineered shoes and boots each feature 3D printed parts and a secret spy gadget or function, from a hidden Geiger counter and a DNA swab to a gunpowder fuse and a listening device.

Taking the assassination of the Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko as his starting point, Hall used shoes to envisage the lengths to which government intelligence agencies could go during the current global political and economic uncertainty in our rapidly changing world.

The designer collaborated with 3D print and CAD designer Martyn Carter, architect Richard Beckett and wearable computing researcher Nanda Khaorapapong (great spy name!) to create the collection.

The concepts shown, which all incorporate 3D printed elements, are: (top to bottom) Bespredel, with 3D printed heel cups in the form of scorpion tails; Kompromat, concealing a gunpowder-fuse trim on the heel that is detonated by opening and crushing the soft drink can; Chapman, which has a recordable listening device embedded in the heel.