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posted 04 August 2016 at 23:50:28

... in the Mojave Desert, that is. Yes, scientists, engineers, designers and architects are about to get busy 3D printing a series of habitable structures that may one day make up the first Mars Colony.

3D printing has long been hailed as crucial to the Mars colonisation project – in-space printing will save millions of dollars in transportation costs and years of space travel – and, as the Mojave Desert is said to resemble the inhospitable face of Mars, it makes perfect sense to use its surface as the building site.

The think tank Mars City Design launched a challenge for concepts of how the Red Planet's first self-sustaining settlements could look. The 25 finalists will be given the opportunity to improve their Mars Colony ideas and the best three will be built in the Mojave Desert.

Living on Mars is still a long way off, but self-proclaimed 'Marshitecht', Vera Mulyani, says, 'We need to examine what happens after the first city, what happens after we have a base. We can think of how to use every single stage of the design process and engage in sensible waste-management from the beginning. With Mars, we have the chance to start afresh.'

We look forward to seeing the finished 3D printed designs.  

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