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posted 27 September 2016 at 04:18:04

In a rather surprising career change, a newly qualified Ukrainian architect has turned her back on cutting edge building design and, instead, now builds intricately designed cakes, with the help of her 3D printer.

Dinara Kasko realised that she preferred working in her kitchen to a building site, but, as you can see from the photographs, her astonishing cake designs owe much to her training at Kharkov University Architecture School.

'I liked what I was doing as an architect well enough, but I'm just more interested in patisserie,' Dinara explained. 'I'm trying to connect architecture, design and patisserie. A beautiful cake, as well as a beautiful building, needs preliminary design. Many of my creations are concepts: their implementation takes a lot of time and numerous attempts. I have many unrealised ideas and a great desire to experiment.'

Uniquely for a baker, Dinara designs her cakes in Autodesk 3DSMax, then plays with the shape, form and colours on her computer before designing and 3D printing food-safe silicon cake moulds. She then assembles the ingredients and, Bob's your uncle, out pop spectacular cakes. Or something like that.

 Without 3D printing, Dinara admits that her cake designs would be impossible to create. Traditional moulds would be far too costly. Her distinctive creations are now attracting mass-market attention and, as a result, her 3D printed silicon moulds are going on sale.

'Today, with the help of 3D modelling, you can create any shape; the imagination is endless,' Dinara says. 'New building materials and technologies make it possible to create almost any idea in a building process. But in patisserie, first of all, we are limited by material properties. Moreover, the main factor is that the product must be edible and tasty.'

If her cakes taste as good as they look, we think she may be on to a winner.  

 Image: © Dinara Kasko