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posted 06 October 2016 at 18:00:33

We're definitely putting this in the 'I Want One' pile and if you've ever tried to twist a screw in with a coin, pry out a bent nail, open a can of paint, pare back wire for a plug or even cut a flower, then you will, too.

The 3D printed GRIPsher Multi-Tool is the brainchild of army veteran and MIT engineer, Christian Reed, who, sick of never having the right tool to hand just when he needed it, designed the ultimate successor to the Swiss Army Knife.
Small enough to fit on a keychain or belt loop, the GRIPsher has 24 different functions that mean you can swipe the myriad of tools you'd normally need to carry out everyday household maintenance jobs off the table. That is, if you could find the tools you were looking for in the first place.

3D printing was crucial to the development of the GRIPsher during prototyping, which was carried out on a Form 2 SLA printer from Formlabs. After some 50 revisions, Steel and nylon were used for the final version, which has now been put through its paces in countless military, medical and aviation scenarios, as well as around the home.

'GRIPsher is a natural extension of your hand,' says Christian. 'It is designed to replace all the times you use your fingertips to pinch a hex bolt, your fingernail to screw in a flat head, or pinch a wire to strip it. We wasted no time trying to stick in another 'nail scraper' or a 'can opener'. Instead, we observed which functions on a multi tool users actually use and optimized these tools to be readily accessible and functional using a single hand.'


So popular is the GRIPsher idea that it surpassed its original Kickstarter target of $10,000 just hours after going live. If you want to get in on the action and bag one of these invaluable little tools, a pledge of $35 will secure it for you.

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