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posted 28 October 2016 at 09:53:25

It's not just big companies with huge development budgets that come up with the most dynamic 3D print ideas. Very often it's the guy sitting at home, experimenting with his own desktop 3D printer.  

Meet Yousif Ashoor. Yousif is a great fan of the video game Deus Ex and he decided it would be cool to create some auto-retractable sunglasses, similar to those worn by the mechanically augmented character Adam Jensen in the game. So that's what he did.  

He used a Zortax M200 printer and a modified Solidoodle printer to 3D print the parts (which are free to download from thingiverse) and just ordinary plastic filament. Yousif hasn't yet shared the secret of what sensors and electronics he incorporated to make the lenses snap shut automatically in response to increased UV light, but if he plans to market these any time soon, that's understandable.  

Whether or not the sunglasses will catch on is anyone's guess, but it just goes to show what a little ingenuity and a 3D printer can do.

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