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posted 15 November 2016 at 23:16:21

The world's driest regions have a new saviour at hand in the form of 'Dewdrop' ­– a 3D printed compact atmospheric water generator (AWG) that can create fresh drinking water from thin air.  

Designed by 22 year-old engineering student Jawwad Patel from Hyderabad in India, the self-filling Dewdrop can turn humid air into 2 litres of water in just an hour. In drier environments, 1.2 litres can be squeezed out of the atmosphere in the same amount of time. It even has a hot/cold option, so it works in colder climates, too.  

Dewdrop's battery-powered system of electric fans harnesses condensation, turning vapour into water and collecting it in a vessel below the AWG's working parts. UV filters keep out nasties, such as dust, dirt and any toxic gases or chemicals in the air, so the water is mineralised and perfectly drinkable.  

His invention, which is portable, has won Jawwad numerous award nominations in his native country, but it's just one of this prolific young inventor's designs. So far, he has created a smart helmet that won't let you drive when drunk, a solar powered car, smart drones and many more incredible and useful inventions.  

 'I want to invent things according to the problems and situations people are facing currently,' says Jawwad. 'I also have strong plans to make the youth aware of various innovative possibilities, especially the rural population [of India] about technology and the vast fields they can contribute in. All of my projects and innovations are supposed to be helpful for our national integrity and I would love to continue to prove myself as a resourceful individual in the development of our nation.'

We think Jawwad Patel is a tremendous ambassador for his country and a remarkable young man.  

You can check our Jawwad's own website at and see videos of his Dewdrop invention at    

Image: © Jawwad Patel