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posted 01 December 2016 at 15:25:57

Daniel Noree, who features often in the Design Files pages of 3D Create & Print (in fact, he has a design in Issue 110 – our final issue) has just unveiled his latest OpenR/C creation – a third generation 3D printed Formula 1 racer that you can print in PLA (car body) and Ninjaflex (tires) – along with assembly instructions that you can download (  
How’s that for a going away present from us?   

The Swedish designer’s OpenR/C race have had a big fanbase since 2012, when he published his first design online. His latest is a 1:10 scale F1 car that requires just two plastics, plus a $220 electronics pack that contains all the motors and radio equipment you need to get it moving (or you can put together your own electronics, if you’re savvy that way). Find out more about the packs at   

Watch Daniel build the car in a time lapse video here:

You can download the 38 STL files free from Thingiverse ( Daniel recommends a 10-15% infill and 0.2mm layer height for most of the car parts, while the chassis plates will require a 35% infill. More than 50 3D print fans have already successfully printed the car, while others have customized Daniel’s designs.  

See the car in action here:


Happy racing!    

Image: © Daniel Norée (