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A bridge to the future

posted 05 July 2015 at 10:23:32

There’s a remarkable project underway in the centre of Amsterdam, involving a canal and robotic 3D printing company MX3D: they’re going to construct an intricate, ornate pedestrian steel bridge across a canal, welding it drop by drop. The project will show how 3D printing is capable of creating large-scale objects that are functional, sustainable and allow unprecedented freedom of design. The robots used by MX3D print in six axes, simply ‘drawing’ the lines of steel in situ as they move along the construction, which means there's no limit to size or scale.   

If successful, this large-scale printing technique could become standard on building sites of the future. The bridge, designed by Joris Laarman, is a collaboration between MX3D, software design company Autodesk and construction company Heijmans, among others. 

 Image: © Joris Laarman for MX3D