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Your pill is being printed

posted 06 August 2015 at 13:34:06

The US Food and Drug Administration has approved a 3D printed pill called Spritam, which treats seizures caused by epilepsy. This allows the manufacturer, Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, to pack the layers of medication more closely together, allowing high dosages of up to 1,000mg to be printed in a single pill that dissolves easily with a sip of liquid. Just as in other types of 3D printing, the pills are printed layer by layer, but in this instance they print pharmaceutical compounds.

3D printing has already been used in the healthcare sector for making customised prosthetics and implants, but this is a world first in the field of pharmaceuticals. It could open the door for future developments in 3D printed pills, whereby dosages could be prepared for individual patients simply by adjusting the software before printing. Spritam launches in early 2016.    

Image: © 2015 Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company