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3D printed bubble house on Mars

posted 30 September 2015 at 09:59:12

We’re all familiar with the revolutionary 3D printed canal house that’s under construction in Amsterdam. Next on the agenda is the Sfero, a 3D printed bubble-shaped house, designed to be printed on Mars by the first Red Planet dwellers, no less. The brainchild of Fabulous, a French 3D printing company, the structure has an internal and external dome, with a protective membrane of water between the two. It features rooms over two levels and was designed in response to a call from NASA for 3D printed habitats that could enable humans to survive on Mars. And now that they’ve discovered dark streaks on the surface of Mars that indicate the existence of running water on the planet, perhaps living there is no longer a too-distant dream.  


Theoretically, the spherical design would use Mars’ iron oxide dust as its raw material, fusing layers of it as it printed the house on the planet itself. The 30cm wide water pocket would come from melted permafrost that would form a protective barrier against solar radiation.  
While NASA’s competition was technically only aimed at US inventors, Fabulous founder Arnault Coulet says, ‘We still decided to show the French expertise in 3D printing, space travel and architecture, presenting a standout record.’   Watch that space. Literally.