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posted 28 November 2015 at 11:06:32

3D Fuel, a company that makes 3D printer filament, has launched Algae-Fuel, an environmentally sustainable line of 3D printer filament.

In a joint venture with ALGIX, a green technology company that produces algae-based bioplastic composites, and Solaplast, a sustainable innovation centre, 3D Fuel's COO Ryan Hunt said, “3D Fuel is in a great position within the 3D filament market because we are able to rapidly innovate and take ideas to end products in a short period of time. By being vertically integrated under one roof with Solaplast, we have all of the necessary components to bring new and exciting materials to the 3D market.”

Algae-Fuel filament is available in a colours inspired by nature and it has a texture similar to bone or sandstone. It prints at a lower temperature than PLA, which requires less energy for more efficient printing and has higher strength capabilities.

“Part of the beauty of our process is that we take nuisance algae from aquaculture, water treatment facilities and even from algal blooms in ponds and lakes. We are helping to aid in ecosystem balance and are able to provide more sustainable materials without utilizing arable cropland (as most other bioplastics require) for our bio-feedstock,” added Ashton Zeller, director of Research & Development for 3D Fuel.

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Image: 3D Fuel & ALGIX