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posted 12 January 2016 at 10:59:13

Tailoring is nothing new, but the next time you go for a fitted suit you may find that your tailor has swapped his tape measure for a 3D scanner.

Hong Kong based tailor Gay Giano has recently developed a 3D scanning system that scans the customer’s body and compiles a set of detailed and accurate measurements that a bespoke suit is then created from.

After a consultation to decide on fabrics and style, the customer strips to his underwear and steps into a 3D measuring pod, which takes more than 120 measurement data points in under 30 seconds. Based on the scanned data, the designers then create a pattern and a perfectly fitting suit is quickly produced.

Matthew Lee, business development director for Gay Giano, believes it is imperative that tailoring practices are brought into the contemporary, technological world. "There’s a huge disconnect between these traditional craftsmen or craftswomen and the next generation. There’s no one taking over. So we felt that, if that’s the case, it’s either a dying trade or we can revitalise it with technology that could enhance or keep a better record of their knowledge."

The Hong Kong based tailor claims to be the first bespoke suit shop in the city to use 3D scanning technology, although the technology is already being used in areas such as women’s clothing and lingerie. The world is sure to follow suit and, who knows, perhaps someday soon we’ll even be 3D printing bespoke suits at home!

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