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Disney robot can climb up walls

posted 25 January 2016 at 16:30:43

A four-wheeled robot named VertiGo that can transition smoothly from the ground onto a vertical wall has been developed in collaboration between Disney Research Zurich and Swiss technology institute ETH. In the video released by its makers, the robot moves effortlessly across the ground, navigating bumps along the way, and then flips onto a vertical surface and continues its journey up a wall. The ability to do this comes from the thrust created by two independently tilting propellers, powered by separate motors. It is steered via remote control, while automatic sensors adjust to changes in the surroundings and control the propellers.  

The VertiGo is agile, strong and light, thanks in part to a bunch of ingenious 3D printed parts – including its four wheels and suspension system. The complex geometry achieved with 3D printing makes these structures strong but light, essential features for a wall-climbing robot.  
Watch the VertiGo in action in the link here:

Image: © Disney Research/ETH Zurich